spend more, burn more, gain more.


SPIKE implores certain deflationary burn measures to ensure that the negative trend & negative excessive downtrend volatility in value of cryptocurrencies is curtailed to its minimum.

The self destuctive system is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and the principle is solely dependent of the number of transactions carried out, as every transactions burns 3% of the existing tokens, thereby checkmating inflation of currency, and preserving and appreciating value of spike, and the general size of portfolio of its holders.

The total maximum supply of SPIKE token that will ever exist is 50 thousand SPK tokens.

Token Distribution

  • 80% Community
  • 20%Development and Exchange Listings

Token Information

  • Total Supply 50,000
  • Token Ticker SPK
  • Contract Address 0x0ca8e31a9058bd0d3db73758ff36e74159a542cb
  • Burn rate 3% per transaction


Our Big Plans.
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
2020 Q1
2020 Q2
2020 Q3
2020 Q4
2019 Q2
  • SPIKEcore Smart Contract Release
  • SPIKEcore Website Launch
  • SPIKEcore Airdrop
  • SPIKEcore Bounty Hunt
  • First Exchange Listings
  • SPIKEcore promotions and patnership
  • SPIKEcore communityadoption Expo
  • SPIKEcore Virtual Credit Card Model display
  • SPIKEcore Office meet-up with founders singapore
  • More Exchange Listings
  • SPIKEcore Major contracts and patnership unveil
  • SPIKEcore independent blockchain test
  • SPIKEcore independency capability Private test
  • SPIKEcore Core interoperability
  • SPIKEcore Meetup SouthAfrica
  • SPIKEcore independent blockchain Core 1.0 release
  • SPIKEcore official wallet realease
  • SPIKEcore inter-wallet exchange integration
  • The Core token swap
  • Future developments and Meetups
  • Future developments and Meetups
  • Future developments and Meetups
  • SPIKEcore Incubation
  • SPIKEcore Experiment and Feasibilty Research
  • SPIKEcore Private ModelFlow